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Candles With Class

During those hot and heavy summer months, the LAST thing you want to think about is fire--unless it's a campfire (or a bonfire)! But now that the weather has most certainly turned, there's something oh so cozy about a warming yourself by a soft flame at home. Even without the luxury of a fireplace, there's nothing that compares to candlelight on a cold winter's night.
Especially when those candles carry their OWN sense of luxury. Enter: POPUP PARIS Diamond Candles by Gaultier Malard and Victor Van de Rosieren. These French friends have known each other since childhood, which is perhaps why they've added the whimsy and imagination of a real diamond to each of their incomparable candles.
With subtle-yet-stunning scents like Rice Powder, Bamboo, and Firewood, these gift-worthy candles are unparalleled in exotic intrigue. Add to that 100% natural wax, 100% cotton wick, eco-friendly packaging and 10 hours of smooth burning, sweet scent-ual experience. Oh, and did we mention there's a cute little diamond cleverly hidden inside?
So keep it cozy, keep it classy and keep a bit of that child-like Parisian charm, with POPUP PARIS Diamond Candles, fromKAVUT.