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Silver Bells

Glittering tinsel, tinkling tinhorns, brassy horns a plenty, and of course silver bells--who knew Christmas time was so...metallic? And while we're all about changing up your style to suit the season, we prefer a more subtle holiday shout-out. Merry, but mature. Festive, yet feminine. 
Enter Ina Beissner, german-born master of clean-cut italian style, with the tiniest touch of charm and whimsy. Her Bell-Studded Rings and Bell-Studs Earrings--both available in silver--are a simple staple of sophisticated style, with a subtle nod to the holiday season. Her Square Bell Ring continues the theme, but with an angular, modern touch. And for full-on festive fashion, Beissner's Bells Trio Necklace is a fête-worthy piece that's irresistibly inviting. 
What's more, these solid sterling silver bells are modestly priced, at around $300--or less! And if you prefer a warmer pallet, Beissner offers the option to turn your silver bells gold. 18k gold, to be precise. 
Either way, it's KAVUT's Christmas time in the city--classy, charming, and chic.