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Around the World with Ina Beissner

Evidence of our increasingly global-minded culture is everywhere, and Kavut Jewelry is proud to represent border-blurring beauty at its very best. founder, Noriko Kasai, comes from a Japanese background, but brings a Toronto sense of style and trend to our unique, sleek fine jewelry selections.
A perennial favorite of Kasai's and, designer Ina Beissner has an even more eclectic international pedigree. Born in Peru, Beissner spent her childhood in both sunny South America and austere Germany. She studied at the Esmod school in Berlin--then, now, and always a world-wide fashion capital--before moving southward to Spain, where she worked for Vogue. As if that weren't enough to fill her fashion-forward passport, we can add Paris to Beissner's resume, where she debuted her first jewelry collection in 2010.
The Ana Beissner Bracelet with Leather Bow (available in silver or gold) represents her international inspiration, with earthy leather, sober metallic curves, and a flirtatious yet simple bow, with sleek and strong magnetic closure that snaps around your wrist as easily as Kavut's contributors zip around the world.