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Futures so Bright

Oh, hello there, 2014. When did you arrive? Doesn't it seem that we were JUST celebrating having lived through the ominous, end-of-times 2012? And now here we are, hurtling through the first quarter of the new millennium.
Times like this call for futuristic, fashion-forward style. And with a future so bright, we're looking forward to 2014 with chic, sleek, colorful sunnies from Sheriff & Cherry
This year, we're predicting plenty of pink. Try our Sheriff & Cherry Tinted Colorblock Black/Pink Lenses, a subtle, striped dose of fun, flirty color, or our Sheriff & Cherry Mirrored Sky/Pink Lenses, for a cool, casual, androgynous look. 
Of course, you can always stick with basic black, for a classic look, no matter what trends the year throws at you. OurSheriff & Cherry Classic Black Lenses are tip-dipped in white, for a tuxedo-like touch. And all of our Sheriff & Cherrysunnies are hand-made in Croatia and offer 100% UV protection with organic lenses.