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Pretty in Pearls

You've likely heard the anecdote that a pearl begins as an irritating grain of sand inside an oyster. That's because the mollusk, in an attempt to protect itself from this unwanted intruder, uses its unmistakable iridescent shell material to coat the grain of sand, over and over, until the result is a shiny, smooth pearl. 
Freshwater pearls take anywhere from 1 to 6 years to form, and their salt water cousins can take up to 20 years! Pearls also very greatly in size, from as small as a peppercorn to as large as a human fist, and come in a collection of captivating colors. 
For our part, we offer an array of pretty pearls. If delicate and tiny is your thing, try our CATHERINE WEITZMAN Pearl Bracelet in sterling silver or 18k gold vermeil, made in Hawaii and featuring irresistibly irregular freshwater pearls.
Or if you're truly beguiled by the inner workings of these mollusk miracles, our MELANIE GEORGACOPOULOS Sliced Pearl Bracelet offers luxurious and rare genuine natural pearls, varying in size from .4" to 10mm and sliced halves-wise, so you can see the layers of shell material as they formed. This is an absolutely stunning piece, highlighting natures raw beauty in a rounded, refreshing style.