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3 Common Types of Diamond Cuts

When selecting a diamond, cut is one of the most important factors to consider. This short post will discuss 3 of the most common types of diamond cuts, including: round cut, oval cut and princess cut.

Round Cut
Probably the most popular choice in engagement rings because it gives more brilliance with the facets. It is believed that nothing matches the brilliance of a round cut diamond. Round diamonds are considered to be timelessly beautiful and exceptional. A normal round cut diamond has about 57 to 58 facets. Source:  SlideShare

Oval Cut

The oval cut is also easy to recognize because of its shape. If its length-to-width ratio is low, it will look very similar to the round cut. The marquise cut is a derivative cut based on the oval cut’s shape. Marquise-cut diamonds have oval profiles, but they have two sharp ends. The pear cut has a similar shape, but it has only one sharp end. The heart cut is shaped like a pear cut, but with a cleft opposite the sharp end. Source:  JewelryNotes

Princess Cut

For people who are looking for a fancy cut, princess cut is their perfect choice. Its shape is either a rectangle or square. It was first produced in 1960 and looks very beautiful on someone with long fingers. It is gaining popularity because of its unique magnificence. To achieve best outcome, the weight of the diamond should be high in order to acquire the right brilliance and depth.

It is priced lower than round diamonds because its four-sided pyramid shape is similar to half of the octahedron rough stone from which the diamond is cut. Due to this similarity, two equally sized princess diamonds are produced from the same stone with only little waste. It is estimated that about 60% of the weight of the rough stone has been retained after the cut. Since the yield is higher, the price becomes lower. Source:  TheRichest

Choosing the right cut of diamond can be tricky though we hope these articles will help you decide which cut of diamond will work for you.


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