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3 Tips for Caring for your Engagement Ring

Just like your marriage, you and your wedding ring are in a lifelong partnership. This short post will cover some care tips for your engagement ring, including: cleaning regularly, knowing when to take it off and having it insured.

Below are 3 tips for caring for your engagement ring:

Clean Regularly
“Buildup of dirt or oil will block the light interactions in the stone, so there’s no point in having a beautifully cut diamond if it’s going to be dirty,” says Tom Burstein, Christie’s international jewelry director. “If you’re not cleaning it, then you’re not doing the stone justice because it’s not living up to its potential.” Luckily, cleaning your ring isn’t a labor-intensive process—just drop it into a mug of warm water mixed with a few drops of soap or mild dishwashing detergent. Let it sit for a few minutes (or even overnight), then gently scrub the stone and basket with a soft-bristled baby toothbrush, rinse, and pat dry. Burstein recommends cleaning it at least once every few weeks, and when you do, “make sure you cover the drain!” Source: Vogue

Know When to Take It Off

  • ●  The Gym - “Platinum and gold are malleable metals and over time, whether you are weight lifting or spinning, a consistent grip while you have your ring on WILL bend it. Also, although durable, a diamond can still be chipped.”
  • ●  The Shower - “It’s best to remove your engagement ring while showering. Soap and other cleansers can cause build up under or on your ring and make diamonds appear dull and cloudy.”
  • ●  Sleeping - “Take your diamond off while sleeping; a prong can catch on the sheets and bend, causing you to lose your diamond.” Source: StyleMePretty

Have It Insured

This is your number one must-do item. While nothing can replace the sentimental value of your engagement ring, if you have it properly appraised and insured for its full replacement value, you'll at least be covered if it's ever lost, stolen or damaged. Some insurance companies offer more than others, so it's worth doing a little homework. For example, Jewelers Mutual's repair or replacement policy includes coverage for several preventive repairs. "That includes repair of broken prongs, clasp replacement, stone tightening and more," says Tyler Krowiorz, consumer marketing manager at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. Source: TheKnot


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