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3 Tips on How to Care for Diamond Jewelry

In order to keep your diamond for years, there are certain measures you can take to protect your diamond from physical and chemical damage.  Continue reading to learn more about 3 tips on caring for your diamond jewelry.

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Protect Against Theft

  • ●  The very first thing you should do when you purchase a diamond is thoroughly inspect your diamond and the setting with a loupe. You will want to make note of any characteristics that can set your jewelry apart.  For instance, is there a small inclusion in your diamond, or a unique engraving on the inside of the band?  Knowing these special aspects of your diamond and setting will help protect you in the event that your ring gets stolen or tampered with.  It is also important to check for any defect like a loose stone or sharp prong so the jeweler can tend to these issues right away. 
  • ●  Another thing you should do after you purchase a piece of diamond jewelry is insure it. Since diamond jewelry can be the most expensive piece of jewelry you own, it is very important that you protect your investment against damage, loss and theft.  In order to have your jewelry properly insured, you will need to have an insurance appraisal which can usually be obtained from the place you purchased the jewelry from.  You will also need high quality photographs of your jewelry. Source: Jewelry.About

Everyday Care

  • ●  By their nature, diamonds repel water but grease and oil stick fast.
  • ●  As far as possible, do not wear jewelry while performing strenuous labor, such as exercising, or cleaning. Hard knocks can chip diamonds while household chemicals and our own natural oils can discolor diamonds.
  • ●  Creams and lotions such as those typically used to address dry skin should not be applied while wearing jewelry. Again, diamonds are likely to be discolored (not permanently) by exposure to such compounds, losing their luster and brilliance.
  • ●  Inspect your jewelry regularly for signs that anything is amiss. Do check the back on any set stones because if grime accumulates, for example, it will be seen most clearly here. An excess of such will prevent light from refracting properly within the diamonds, making things dull.
  • ●  Storing jewelry in a safe place is not only about security but also about keeping each piece safe from inadvertent harm.
  • ●  Invest in fabric-lined cases purpose-built for storing jewelry. These will have individual compartments.
  • ●  Alternatively, wrap each item in soft tissue paper or use jewelry pouches for each item. Source: Luxury-Insider

Annual Professional Check-up

Take all of your diamond jewelry to a professional jeweler once a year. Diamond jewelry needs to be checked by a professional jeweler at least once a year. He or she will look through the prongs and mountings. These are the items that hold your stone in place. When checked regularly, you can feel more confident that the diamond is firmly in its settings still and isn't going to spring out unnoticed and disappear. Source: wikiHow


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