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3 Ways to Pack Your Necklaces without Getting Them Tangled

Out of all your jewelry collection, it’s probably your necklaces that make your head ache when packing for a move or travel.  If you want to travel in style without the hassle of having your necklaces turning into one tangled mess, check out these 3 ways to keep your necklaces organized:

MAISON MARGIELA FINE JEWELRY Pompadour Deconstructed Necklace


There is a nifty way to prevent your necklaces from tangling–and it’s one of our favorite jewelry-packing tips. Take a plastic drinking straw and feed an unclasped necklace through the center. Then close the clasp once again. Do this for each necklace or bracelet you believe might get tangled with one another. Toilet paper rolls are a great alternative for chunkier necklaces. Source: Rent

Plastic Wrap

Put down a layer of plastic wrap, lay your necklaces out, and then cover with another layer of plastic wrap. Press the two layers together around your necklaces to keep them separated. Gently fold or roll your wrapped necklaces so that they create a small bundle that’s easy to pack in your suitcase.

Less bulky necklaces, like pendants on chains, work best with this method. You can also pack bracelets this way, but buttons will work best for earrings. While the plastic wrap will provide some protection, if your bundle has any particularly delicate jewelry in it, wrap clothing around the bundle for added padding. Source: Lifehacker

Ziploc Bags

Use the tiny Ziploc bags that extra buttons come in when you buy clothes. They’re great for holding a thin necklace, a pair of earrings or a pendant for a necklace. Source: PearlsofTravelWisdom


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