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Experiencing the Opulent with Hôtel Costes

Fall is here. With the change of seasons comes cooler weather with all its moody mystery.  
Fill the room with the opulent Hôtel Costes candles and create the ambience that will have your senses transported to Paris.


The Brown candle, the hallmark of Costes, burns at Hôtel Costes, rue Saint Honoré since 2001. With hints of waxed wood, rum, mahogany, bitter orange peel, paprika & oak moss this rich scent gives an old world charm to any room.

The White candle burns at La Société, Place de l'église Saint-Germain. With hints of lily, ginger & white cedar this scent is pure and clean.

The Purple candle burns at l'Avenue, on Avenue Montaigne since 2005. With hints of fig tree, mango & reck wood this tender scent is great for a sexy and sweet atmosphere in the boudoir.

The Orange Candle burns at  l'Esplanade, near Les Invalides. With hints of crystallized orange, coffee, cumin, cardamom, clove & cedar wood this scent enhances a spicy yet pure environment to philosophize in peace.