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Keeping Fine Jewelry Clean

Even the finest jewelry has the potential to tarnish over time, transforming a beautiful and coveted piece into a once-favored item you'll never wear again. While regular professional cleaning is essential, there are many steps you can take at home to keep your designer jewelry looking great between cleanings.

Avoid Chemicals and Beauty Products

You probably take good care of your high-end jewelry, but you may be coming in contact with other harmful chemicals on a daily basis you don't even know about. Cleaning sprays, makeup products like perfumes and hairspray, and cooking oils have the ability to compromise your designer necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Put your jewelry on after you're finished getting ready, and take it off before cooking, cleaning, and physical activity.

Use a Cleaning Solution

Inspections at the jewelry store are very effective, but at-home cleaning is a great solution between professional appointments. Available for purchase at most high-end jewelry stores, home cleansers can keep your jewelry sparkling and beautiful when your favorite pieces are starting to look dull. Homemade cleaners are very simple to make as well; combining six parts water with one part ammonia can create an efficient solution to care for all of your high fashion jewelry.

Store Pieces Properly

When you invest in couture jewelry pieces, it's important to treat them properly when you're not wearing them. Rather than tossing your necklaces and bracelets in a drawer, take pains to keep them in a box or case that can prevent contact with humidity, moisture, and beauty products. Proper storage can prevent tarnishing and diminish signs of wear, keeping your designer pieces looking their best.

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