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Back to School Celebrations

There are many milestones worth celebrating in life. Graduation from high school or college, marriage, children, major birthdays and anniversaries...but what about celebrating the milestone before it's been reached? What about showing your wife or best friend that you honor her drive and daring to embark on something new?
September means back to school, and for many this means a return to college after years off. Maybe it's to finish a Bachelor's degree that got put on hold, or maybe it's in pursuit of a Master's degree or even a PhD. Regardless, the nerve and determination it takes to go back to school, as an adult, is worth celebrating.
We suggest you support the studious ladies in your life with a gorgeous designer bracelet. While she's thinking of tuition fees, textbooks, and term papers, you'll be pampering her with a little something that says you believe in all that hard work. Our Ina Beissner bracelets, in silver or gold, are the perfect fall accessory--feminine, not flashy; understated, yet unique.





So while she's studying through all hours of the night, every glance at her wrist will remind her that she's already made it, in your eyes.