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Think Outside The Knuckle

Fashion is about breaking boundaries and expectations, big and small. And one of the biggest barriers to be crossed in recent years can be found in the smallest of places: the line between your first and second knuckles.
Mainstream fashion has embraced the whole finger as a potential canvas for self expression, and rings are reflecting this more and more, with intriguing new designs. KAVUT jewelry is proud to offer a selection of non-traditional rings, for those of you looking for a little more daring in your dress.



Try our MADE HER THINK Double Vendetta Chain Ring, in gold, silver, or rose gold. Make a pointed fashion statement with double Vs on your fingers. Connected with an elegantly draping chain, this knockout rings will draw tons of attention.










Or why not try a horizontal departure from traditional rings, with the GINETTE NY Double Gold Ring. Spanning two fingers side by side, and delicately adorned with a tiny diamond detail, this ring is a smart statement piece that you'll wear again and again.






But perhaps our favorite is the EDDIE BORGO  Hinged Plate Ring, with it's armor-like design and serpentine movement. Available in gold, silver, or pave crystal, this ring is the essence of KAVUT (derived from the name for Japanese warrior armor)--strong, bold, and empowered.