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Jewelry as Art

Did you know that designer Adeline Cacheux started her career as an art historian before launching her first jewelry collection in 2005? A mere two years later, she was hand-picked to design for Christofle, one of the oldest and most prestigious silverware "maisons" (design houses). And the rest is history!


But it's also art. Truly, what is a fine piece of jewelry if not wearable art? Of course, jewelry is many things. It's an expression of the self, a way to accessorize, a little finishing touch to an outfit or a wearable gift. But we often forget that fine jewelry is created by true artists.


KAVUT is about more than just accessorizing. Our pieces are high end, quality made, durable, sophisticated and chic. The rings, bracelets and necklaces that we feature are not only statement pieces, they're investment pieces, just like a painting or sculpture purchased from a gallery. This wearable art is designed to stand the test of time, to spark conversation, and to connect you to a deeper appreciation of beauty and aesthetic.
So re-write your own history with a timeless piece of sterling silver or rose gold artwork, from KAVUT.