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We tend to think of opposites as contradictory, yet they are often complementary. Like black and white. Feminine fabrics and masculine lines. Fresh-faced designers and iconic fashion houses.


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The Fall 2013 Balenciaga line offers all this and more. Designer Alexander Wang achieves perfect complementary contrast with his black and white heavy, inventive yet true-to-tradition offering for the monolithic house. Wang's creativity and playfulness serve to soften and modernize signature house ideas, without foregoing the austere, sculptural quality for which Cristóbal Balenciaga was famous. The line is classic, not retro.
Incorporate his chic contrasting style with our Adeline Cacheux Classics Sterling Silver necklace, earrings, or bracelet, which echo the oblong belt-buckle style clasps that appear throughout Balenciaga's Fall collection.




As basic as black and white, as contradictory as timelessness and trend.