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What you wear can be just as much a jumping off point for discussions of the world at large as where you've been. Let your jewelry set the conversational climate, let it show you for the worldly sophisticate you truly are, no matter how long it's been since you've been abroad. 



Any piece in our LARA BOHINC collection will easily invite talk of the London's timeless modernity. You can tell your friends or coworkers that the London-based designer has studied in England and in her native Slovenia. Even in childhood, she loved the color red, and favors red lipstick. Why not pair bright red lips of your own with a piece from her quartz and gold / silver Planetaria collection? 



For a taste of Paris, try ALEXANDRA MARGNAT on for style. Hailing from what she calls "the most beautiful architectural city in the world," Margnat's designs incorporate ancient eastern civilizations and traditions. Add a modern twist on the far east--by way of France--with her Tall Poisson Gold Ring, a stunningly patterned piece that speaks for itself.






Bejewel yourself in Berlin's finest with INA BEISSNER. This German-born metal-smith brings the sleek style of Milan (where she studied) to her charming yet chic collection. Find this marriage of charm and sophistication in her Bell-Studded Ring, in gold or silver.






Let your accessories do the talking, and let your mind wander...all over the world.
Fall is here to, with all its moody mystery, thick sweaters, warm hearths. October energy is beckoning, with gourds and galas, as the twilight hours lengthen and we settle in, cozy at home, for this last temperate season before winter. Naturally, this shift in seasons necessitates a shift in style. This fall, we're feeling warm, golden tones and inspired textures.
Our ALEXANDRA MARGNAT Hoop and Charm Gold Earrings make a stunningly elegant addition to any autumn wardrobe. The 18 karat yellow gold is warm and rich, with a shape reminiscent of falling leaves and a texture as smooth as a pond's surface at sunset. These would add a touch of bold grace to a turtleneck for a daytime look, or pair perfectly with a jewel-toned party dress.



Of course, nothing evokes warmth like rose gold. Our INA BEISSNER Bell Stud Earrings are plated in 18 karat rose gold, adding subtle texture and color to any look. Perfect for the office with a smart, sleek bun. 



Berlin-based designer Ina Beissner is just like one of your friendliest girlfriends. She creates jewellery with a strong vision of clean elegance with her sharp German craftsman skills.




                                                                                          Photo by Roman Goebel


NAME:  Ina Beissner

HOME BASE: Berlin, Germany

HOW DID YOU BECOME A DESIGNER?  First I studied fashion design in Berlin. During the preparations for the presentation of my final collection at the fashion academy, I discovered a few corals made of plastic. I was fascinated by the shape and the color, they fit perfectly with the theme of my collection ‚Plastic Paradise’.  I had to incorporate them, so I designed a mini collection of jewelry as a supplement to the fashion collection. I combined them with metal chains, plastic threads and sequins. The result was spectacular, so much that my teacher and some jurors had praised the jewelry collection more than the fashion collection. That was the moment when my pasion for jewelry had been fortyfied and I decided to go to Milan to get specialized in jewelry.  

WHAT INSPIRE YOU THE MOST / WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INSPIRATION? I get my inspiration from industrial and geometrical shapes and some childhood memories. But also from architecture, art and blogs. I love the aesthetics on
CURRUNTLY PLAYING(MUSIC): Overgrown by James Blake 

CURRUNTLY OBSESSED: I try not to get obsessed with anything.


FAVORITE SCENT / PARFUME: I found my absolute favorite parfume ECCENTRIC 01 by Eccentric Molecules a couple of years ago, after a long quest. 

IF YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF AS A COLOR, WHAT COLOR AND WHY:  Maybe yellow- optimistic and energetic, even it is not my color at all! 
My favorite color is nude by the way.
THINGS CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Family, friends, earrings and fruits 
ONE THING ALWAYS IN YOUR BAG: my sketchbook & my iphone

THE FIRST THING YOU DO WHEN YOU WAKE UP? To be honest: I check my mails from bed!

My grandmother was very religious. She also had a huge passion for jewelry. After her death, all her grandkids received one of her gold medal pendants with religious images of her little collection. I chose the image of the Virgin of Altagracia, the patron saint of the Dominican Republic, where my mother´s family is from.
The Restaurant Rafael in Lima / Peru.  
The Pillow Book from Peter Greenaway