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If you are lucky enough to have a great mom, mother-in-law, grandmother, wife, daughter, sister or strong female role model, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation and spoil them with the perfect gift.

Here are some of our picks...

KAVUT   X  Costes

In the very heart of Paris, on rue Saint Honoré and a few strides away from the place Vendôme, Hôtel Costes opened its doors with a new vision of a modern and luxurious hotel. Designed by Jean Louis Costes & celebrated decorator Jacques Garcia, the concept mirrored the great palaces of the Nineteenth century adding a contemporary twist to the Napoléon III style, blending opulence with the utmost attention to travelers’ comfort. The assortment of fabrics and precious woods, assembled in a perfect mix of dark tones, combined with the courtyard and an eclectic musical signature reflect the luscious ballet of the Parisian scene.

Hôtel Costes Entrance

Hôtel Costes Home Fragrances line has been designed under the artistic direction of Rami Mekdachi in collaboration with perfumer Olivia Giacobetti.  The concept lies on the legitimacy for a hotel to offer their guests a home fragrance line created according to the sensual atmosphere of the hotel and surrounding area. Each of the fragrances are developed around iconic Parisian venues: Brown - Place Vendôme, Purple - Avenue Montaigne and Orange - Les Invalides allowing the "bouquet" of Paris to be brought home.

Hôtel Costes Brown Candle

The perfume of old walls, overloaded and almost dusty, Brown refers to the Place Vendôme in Paris, the «joaillers» meet Rue Saint Honoré... Density of the precious woods and baroque environment, Napoleon 3 spirit gives out a rum and dust touch where floats the vapors of beeswax.

The Brown candle, 
the olfactory hallmark of Costes, 
burns at H
ôtel Costes, rue Saint Honoré, Paris since 2001.


Ginger with zests of lys flower blow an « ultra modern » touch for a very 16th environment near the Trocadéro of Paris where the modern art crosses Palais de Tokyo, white, pure, soapy and clean scent with a wind of Spring.

The White candle burns at La Société, Place de l'église Saint-Germain, Paris.

Hôtel Costes Purple Candle

Spotted on Avenue Montaigne, the most glamourous and chic avenue of Paris, where Karl meets Carrie; a tender scent of figtree and mango for a sexy and sweet atmosphere in a girly «boudoir»... if you close your eyes, you might hear the whispers of Coco...

The Purple candle burns at l’Avenue, on Avenue Montaigne, Paris since 2005.

Hôtel Costes Orange Candle

My dear Rive gauche… Saint Germain that inspired writers as Racine, Balzac or Georges Sand, with the spice of the artistic gotha. This perfume blends burned orange vapors and clove that enhances a spicy yet pure environment to philosophize in peace…

The Orange candle burns at l'Esplanade, near Les Invalides, Paris.



One of our very best favorite designers at KAVUT, Melanie Georgacopoulos was recently featured in the luxury chic Costes magazine in Paris.





Forever timeless, her fierce fine jewelry is the best example of the message we'd like to express to our KAVUT customers.

What makes it different from other fashion pieces is that as you live with it, it becomes part of you. Make memories with it, then pass it onto your loved ones. Quality was meant to last...