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Born in Japan and raised in New York, designer Mizuki Goltz's jewelry unites traditional elements from her Japanese heritage and the fashion-forward creativity of New York City. Her designs have been featured in numerous publications and have been worn by celebrities like Karolína Kurková, Kim Kardashian, Oprah, Penelope Cruz, Kerry Washington and Anna Kendrick to name a few. Mizuki has distinguished herself with her ever-evolving collection that is style conscious yet timeless.


Glamour - July 2015

Editorialist - February 2016

Featuring Mizuki White Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Open Cuff

Hong Kong Tatler - December 2015

Featuring Mizuki Open Diamond and Black Tahitian Pearl Ring


Dressing for work can be a tricky business, but when done right, jewelry can be the perfect way to improve and enhance your office style.


Below are 3 tips for wearing jewelry to work:


Avoid Long Earrings

The primary argument against long, dangling earrings is that they are distracting, both for the wearer and for co-workers. Longer earrings are also dangerous in some professions where women handle machinery or things that might snag the earrings and damage the earlobe. Earrings that dangle can also be loud, making jangling noises whenever the wearer moves. A shorter pair of earrings is often best, though some drop is acceptable. A conservative pair of diamond stud earrings is a necessity for a basic work outfit. Simple pearl earrings are also a good staple to own for working women. Source: eBay


Consider One Bold Piece

It's easy to style up your favorite dress without going overboard, Danielle and Jodi Snyder, the sisters who founded jewelry company Dannijo, told Business Insider. "Use bohemian-style jewelry, like a bib or statement cuff," Danielle told us. This will help take your outfit to the next level. Source: Businessinsider



When I was working my go-to basics were my diamond huggie earrings or tiny sterling silver huggie earrings, my stainless steel watch, and my pearls.  I would intersperse those with a few other earrings, a variety of pendant necklaces, and a variety of statement necklaces.  I’m not saying this is an amazing collection of jewelry, but I think it can be helpful to see concrete examples of what’s worked for one woman.  It’s funny, looking at them the same colors repeat:  white, blue, red, which is a bit of a surprise — I hadn’t intended that!  But I know that blue and red both flatter my coloring, and they’re easily mixed and matched with other pieces of my wardrobe. Source: Corporette


If you want to know which jewelry can perfectly fit your style, please give us a call now!

It's time to head back to school. Now more then ever is the time to update your style with a fresh new look to impress for this upcoming school year.  But don’t fret, we have put together a collection of trends that are currently hitting the runways for Fall 2014 to help you with your new look.

Some of the current trends for Fall 2014 coming off the runway are:

1) The Sixties - The sixties are back in a major way. With mini skirts, knee-high boots and accessories that hark to different era in modern way. Pair this with Asherali Knopfer Rose Gold Bar Earring and Ina Beissner Square Bell Silver Ring.

Jewellery L to R:  Asherali Knopfer / Ina Beissner
Louis Vuitton / Gucci / Saint Laurent

2) Sportswear - the athletic aesthetics continues to inspire designers this season. Using fleece and mesh fabrics in variety of colours each item gives a dynamic sportswear vibe to the runway. Pair this with Adeline Cacheux Ellipse Sterling Silver Bracelet and Lynn Ban Black Coil Ring.

Jewellery L to R: Adeline Cacheux / Lynn Ban
Miu Miu / Fendi / Louis Vuitton

3) Bold Prints - Bring some adventure into your wardrobe with some bold coloured prints. Pair this with Saskia Diez Three Pearls Stud Earrings and Lara Bohinc Gold Quartz Planetaria Ring.

Jewellery L to R: Saskia Diez / Lara Bohinc
Prada / Chloe / Chanel


4) Furs - This season fur dominated all of the fashion runways for Fall once again. Pair this with M/G Tasaki Melanie Georgacopoulos Shell 5x Ascending Peacock Pearls White Gold Ring and Lynn Ban Diamond Hinge Handcuff Bangle.

Louis Vuitton / Prada / Givenchy


And do not forget a new piece of jewellery to complete the look.  Order online or stop by KAVUT for something to help accentuate that new back to school look.


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Jewelry as Art

Did you know that designer Adeline Cacheux started her career as an art historian before launching her first jewelry collection in 2005? A mere two years later, she was hand-picked to design for Christofle, one of the oldest and most prestigious silverware "maisons" (design houses). And the rest is history!


But it's also art. Truly, what is a fine piece of jewelry if not wearable art? Of course, jewelry is many things. It's an expression of the self, a way to accessorize, a little finishing touch to an outfit or a wearable gift. But we often forget that fine jewelry is created by true artists.


KAVUT is about more than just accessorizing. Our pieces are high end, quality made, durable, sophisticated and chic. The rings, bracelets and necklaces that we feature are not only statement pieces, they're investment pieces, just like a painting or sculpture purchased from a gallery. This wearable art is designed to stand the test of time, to spark conversation, and to connect you to a deeper appreciation of beauty and aesthetic.
So re-write your own history with a timeless piece of sterling silver or rose gold artwork, from KAVUT.
This chill, bookish season isn't only for the scholarly. Fashion is a fine-tuned formula any time of year: Add a pashmina and subtract a statement necklace. Multiply layers by a factor of how cold it is outside, but divide by thickness and pattern. Subtract your work blazer and add a comfy cable-knit sweater, keeping timeless earrings as a constant touch of class.
We make the math simple for you, with our Ginette NY Boulier Bracelets and Necklaces, in fool's gold and onyx.




Boulier is the French word for "abacus," those old-fashioned counting tools where you slide wooden or plastic beads along a thin metal rail to aid in basic mathematics. But this is a calculation you can do in your head: intentionally random mini-spheres in gold + uncommon yet subtly elegant materials like pyrite or onyx = a piece of jewelry that's less statement and more sophistication.
Fashion that appeals to your intellect, as well as your aesthetic. From Ginette NY and KAVUT Jewelry.