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Sometimes, things you’ve heard or read about just aren’t true.  In this short post we’ll discuss some of the most common myths about jewelry.

LYNN BAN Diamond Stackable Jagged Knuckle Ring

Below are 3 common jewelry myths:

Gold Comes in a Variety of Colours

While these colors are commonly referred to as gold, the only true gold is yellow. Colored gold is actually a mixed metal compound called an "alloy", made by mixing pure gold with iron, silver, platinum, copper or aluminum creating the various colors often used in jewelry. In fact, all yellow gold, with the exception of 24 karat gold, are also alloys since they're mixed with other metals in different quantities. Source: SheKnows

Real Gold Can Be Determined Through Biting
We all have heard that you can tell if the gold is real by biting it. They say that gold is a soft metal and if you bite it hard enough, you will see teeth marks in it. Actually, there are more metals that are as soft as gold and have the same color. If you trust this myth you can one day buy a different metal instead of gold! Source: LadiesTalks

Diamonds Are the Most Rare and Expensive Stone

Actually, diamonds are not the rarest gemstone, and though they are arguably the most popular, they aren't always the most expensive either. There are a few different factors that impact gemstone cost, and two of those are supply and demand. The diamond market is so sophisticated that if the demand for diamonds starts to taper off, some diamond mines will artificially hold off the supply which creates the illusion they are more rare than they are.

Other stones are not nearly as dependent on the market and command high prices because they actually are extremely rare. Some of those include alexandrite, rubies over 3 carats, and finely colored aquamarine. Source: Jewelry.About


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Japanese jeweller TASAKI will be available in Toronto at an exclusive trunk show with KAVUT.
Their progressive approach to design continues to evolve and elevate the conversation of pearls and diamonds in fine jewellery.

KAVUT will feature a broad range from the TASAKI main collection, 
designed by Creative Director Thakoon Panichgul alongside 
M/G TASAKI, designed with Melanie Georgacopoulos. 

Please join us May 6th - 31st
at KAVUT (102 Scollard St. Toronto)
to enjoy the modern and luxurious worldview of TASAKI.

* TASAKI is available exclusively at KAVUT located at 102 Scollard St. Toronto.
For more details, please contact us at (416) 820-0440 or *

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Here are some of our picks...

KAVUT is delighted to be hosting a trunk show with TASAKI, 
for the first time in Canada.

TASAKI x KAVUT will be featuring a range of pieces from the TASAKI main collection 
designed by Creative Director Thakoon Panichgul along with M/G TASAKI, designed with Melanie Georgacopoulos.

Established in 1954, TASAKI is an internationally recognized jeweler known for its exceptional quality and creativity using pearls and diamonds. Creative Director Panichgul's designs feature contemporary techniques with traditional materials to deliver impeccably designed modern creations.

TASAKI maintains exceptional quality through every step of the design and creation process.  Acquiring only the finest materials and sent to studios of experienced craftsmen, each is transformed into something truly special. TASAKI operates two large pearl farms in Japan and overseas that produce the highest quality pearls. 

TASAKI remains committed to delivering exquisite pieces to clients, each of whom appreciate and believe in their vision.


Jewelry is a precious possession that is designed and crafted to last generations, but proper care is required to assure the lasting qualities of your jewelry. In this short post will cover 3 tips in caring for your jewelry.





Wearing Jewelry

Jewelry is worn by millions of people every day, but few recognize how they can preserve their treasures by using some simple advanced planning and thought. Here are some basic guidelines to consider when wearing jewelry:

* Remove Jewelry During Tasks – When performing manual tasks, remove your jewelry to prevent physical damage or exposure to chemicals or cleaning fluids.

* Put Jewelry On After Applying Makeup – Cosmetics, hairspray, perfumes and lotion can contain chemicals that can often damage jewelry.

* Don't Wear Jewelry in Swimming Pools and Spas – Chlorinated water can react with the metals found in jewelry causing color changes and even structural damage

* Contact Sports and Jewelry Don't Mix– Hard blows during sports can damage jewelry not to mention the people involved. Source: Zales


Cleaning Jewelry

* Follow the instructions appearing on the label or box.

* Clean in a secure location, not the rim of a sink where a piece may slip down the drain.

* Use only a soft brush, never sharp or hard objects, to remove dirt or particles.

* Clean your jewelry often; lotions, soaps and skin oils alter the optical properties of diamonds and gemstones, causing them to look dull.

* Seriously soiled jewelry should be cleaned professionally.

* Clean diamond jewelry with a soft brush dipped in warm water and mild detergent; rinse under running water.

* Never expose pearl jewelry to chemicals or solvents and store each piece in a soft bag.

* Don't expose colored gemstones to chemicals, solvents or ultrasonic without knowing their specific cleaning requirements. Source: Igiworldwide


Storing Jewelry

Proper jewelry storage is often overlooked. Jewelry should never be tossed into a drawer or on top of a dresser − that’s asking for scratches and damaged gems. Most jewelry pieces come in a box or pouch from the store, which is a perfect place to keep them. Sterling silver, for example, should be kept in an anti-tarnish bag or cloth. Jewelry boxes that feature individually padded slots for rings and posts for hanging necklaces and bracelets are also ideal.

Pearls and opals draw moisture from the air, so storing your opal or pearl jewelry in a dry area, such as a safe deposit box, can sometimes do more harm than good. When traveling, protect your jewelry pieces from scratches or other impact damage by padding it in a separate box or case. Source: Gia

Limited Edition Capsule Collection

Maison Margiela 'Anamorphose' fine jewellery collection

Anamorphose tells the story of an ephemeral movement that yearns for an enduring beauty through its spontaneity. Anamorphosis takes place in this unique moment, a time between an object’s natural state and when it is frozen in time.



Born in Tokyo and raised in New York, Mizuki is the embodiment of her jewelry collection and her rich cultural background.  The infusion of western culture into her Japanese values and sensibilities created a dynamic and personal strength upon which she draws much of her artistic inspiration.  Mizuki executes her vision with the finest craftsmanship and precious materials, blending sophistication with a feminine yet bold edginess.


White Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Earrings


White Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Open Cuff


Open Diamond and Black Tahitian Pearl Ring



White Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Earrings



Black Tahitian Pearl Bar Earrings





For over a decade, Yannis Sergakis has been honing his craft with renowned jewelry houses in Greece and abroad.  Sergakis now presents his own signature line of wearable statement pieces with a timeless design and quality.

It is our pleasure to showcase Yannis Sergakis Adornments as an 
Exclusive Retailer in Canada
 along with
 the world’s most sought after retailers including Le Bon Marche (Paris), Lane Crawford (Hong Kong) and Barneys (Tokyo).

represents grown up, sophisticated, and desirable.

Liens Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

Liens Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings

Liens Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet

represents an adult, playful game of seduction.

Yvonne Léon ventures through antique markets and museums to unearth inspiration for her quirky and elegant jewelry designs.  From the traditional pieces to her unique, intrinsically modern lines, Léon adds her own unique elements giving her designs a modern twist.

Tige Turquoise And Tsavorites Garnet Stem Earring &
Tige Pearl And Grey Diamond Stem Earring

Puce Abeille Diamond Bee Stud Earring &
Puce Abeille Pearl And Diamond Bee Stud Earring

Epingle Pear Diamond Pin Earring White Gold

Epingle Pearl Pin Earring Yellow Gold

See the Complete Yvonne Léon Collection Here