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It must be one of your wildest dreams, when you become a jewelry designer to win an award at a prestigious jewelry show such as Couture in Las Vegas. For Mizuki, the New York based designer, this dream has come true. Having recently won “Best Pearl Design” from the 2016 Couture Design Awards (the global awards for designer fine jewelry) proves that her minimalistic and graceful vision of pearl jewelry has been recognized.

Black Tahitian
Pearl Bar Earrings

White Freshwater Pearl
with Diamond Ball Earrings

White Freshwater Pearl
and Diamond Open Cuff

Open Diamond and Black
Tahitian Pearl Ring

Sometimes, things you’ve heard or read about just aren’t true.  In this short post we’ll discuss some of the most common myths about jewelry.

LYNN BAN Diamond Stackable Jagged Knuckle Ring

Below are 3 common jewelry myths:

Gold Comes in a Variety of Colours

While these colors are commonly referred to as gold, the only true gold is yellow. Colored gold is actually a mixed metal compound called an "alloy", made by mixing pure gold with iron, silver, platinum, copper or aluminum creating the various colors often used in jewelry. In fact, all yellow gold, with the exception of 24 karat gold, are also alloys since they're mixed with other metals in different quantities. Source: SheKnows

Real Gold Can Be Determined Through Biting
We all have heard that you can tell if the gold is real by biting it. They say that gold is a soft metal and if you bite it hard enough, you will see teeth marks in it. Actually, there are more metals that are as soft as gold and have the same color. If you trust this myth you can one day buy a different metal instead of gold! Source: LadiesTalks

Diamonds Are the Most Rare and Expensive Stone

Actually, diamonds are not the rarest gemstone, and though they are arguably the most popular, they aren't always the most expensive either. There are a few different factors that impact gemstone cost, and two of those are supply and demand. The diamond market is so sophisticated that if the demand for diamonds starts to taper off, some diamond mines will artificially hold off the supply which creates the illusion they are more rare than they are.

Other stones are not nearly as dependent on the market and command high prices because they actually are extremely rare. Some of those include alexandrite, rubies over 3 carats, and finely colored aquamarine. Source: Jewelry.About


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Gold jewelry typically carries a special significance for its owner. Whether the item carries sentimental value, monetary value, or both, it is only natural that you will want to keep it looking its best. In this short post we’ll cover 4 tips for cleaning gold jewelry.

Tip #1:

  1. 1. Soak jewelry in soap solution - Add a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid to a bowl filled with two cups of warm water. Drop your gold pieces into the solution and let them soak for about 15 minutes.
  2. 2. Scrub the dirt away - Lift a piece of jewelry out of the solution and gently scrub it with a soft-bristle toothbrush to remove any dirt lodged in nooks and crannies.
  3. 3. Rinse in warm water -Swish the piece around in a bowl of warm water to remove the soapy residue.
  4. 4. Blot dry with a soft cloth - Using a soft cloth, dry your jewelry thoroughly and buff it a little to bring back the shine. Source: RealSimple

Tip #2:

For untarnished jewelry, mix a few drops of mild dish detergent with warm water, and scrub with a soft-bristle toothbrush. If it's tarnished, mix a few drops of ammonia into soapy water, submerge the jewelry and carefully brush with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Rinse it with lukewarm water and allow it to dry.

Avoiding chlorine is key to keeping gold jewelry looking good. "Chlorine at high temperatures, like in a hot tub, can permanently damage or discolor your gold jewelry," says Castoro. Source: WomansDay

Tip #3:

To clean gold jewellery, which has gemstones, don't soak it in water (water can get trapped and rust or discolour the stones or make them loose). Use a clean, dry cloth and gently rub the gemstones. Use a separate damp cloth to rinse the jewellery. Once done, keep the pieces upside down and let them dry. Source: TimesOfIndia

Tip #4:

Use this method with care. It may scratch gold and silver. Also the chemicals that clean your teeth may leave a film on stones and gold. If in doubt, try one of the alternative, gentler methods instead.

Mix a small quantity of toothpaste and water. Squeeze about an inch of toothpaste into a bowl (or your palm!) and mix with a tablespoon or two of water to make a light paste. As a mild abrasive, toothpaste is good for loosening up grime that's accumulated on your favorite pieces of gold jewelry without scratching the jewelry.

  • ●  You can use this method for frequently-worn gold items that need a quick clean or when you don't have access to other cleaning materials (like when you're traveling.)

Scrub with a (soft-bristled) toothbrush. Use an old, soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste to gently scrub off grime. The toothpaste can be applied to a cloth to hand polish an item as well. If you're seeing scratches on your jewelry, it's probably the toothbrush, not the toothpaste - use as soft of brush as possible.

  • ●  Alternatively, simply scrub with undiluted toothpaste. This, however, can be harder to rinse out of small crevices in your jewelry.

Rinse generously in clean water. Just like when you rinse after brushing your teeth, you should rinse your jewelry to remove any loosened dirt or grime! Source: wikiHow


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Nektar De Stagni is an American designer whose designs use a playful balance of contrasting materials and ideas, resulting in objects that are both elegant and relaxed, classic and contemporary. Centered around the recontextualization of pure and traditional materials such as pearls and gold through modern forms and applications.





Mini Pearl & Onyx Cube Open Ring



Onyx Cube & Mini Pearl Earring


Single Spike Earring



Spike Pearl Gold Charm Pendant Necklace




Spike Pearl Ring



Signs of Spring

Spring has Arrived!
With the weather warming up and the winter layers being shed, it is time to make a statement and let your jewelry shine. Here is our jewelry trend picks of S/S 2016.

The Pearl

Timeless, but never boring, pearls popped up on numerous runways this season. From statement chokers to simple and paired back earrings, pearls will always be on trend no matter what the season is.  Mizuki's Round Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Earrings are a simple, yet elegant pearl earring that is timeless.

: Balenciaga
Jewelry: Mizuki Round Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Earrings


Raw and polished gem stones were a stand-out accessory for several collections this season.  From sliced necklaces to shiny baubles adorning rings, gemstones were abundant.  Ruifier’s Animaux Patch Ring & Perdi Ring paired together create a whimsical animal face using gemstones.

: Ruifier Animaux Patch Ring & Animaux Perdi Ring
Runway: Hermès

Asymmetric Statement Earrings

The single earring trend isn’t over, but this season many designers were mixing and matching earrings to create an asymemetric look. Yannis Sergakis Adornments’ Crochets Rose and Black Gold Earring mixed with Maria Black's Billy Diamond Rose Gold Earring creates a bold statement.

: Céline
Jewelry: Yannis Sergakis Adornments Crochets Rose and Black Gold Earring & 
Maria Black Billy Diamond Rose Gold Earring

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are the it accessory this season. From clean and minimal hoops to oversized statement pendants there is something for everyone. Asherali Knopfer’s Lou Interchangeable Rose Gold Hoop Earring is a minimal design hoop that can be worn on its own, or be changed with an interchangeable spike or pearl.

: Asherali Knopfer Lou Interchangeable Rose Gold Hoop Earring
Runway: Rag and Bone

*Runway Images from VOGUE.COM*

RUIFIER Fine Jewellery was founded in London by designer Rachel Shaw. The name is derived from the word ‘Reify’, an English word meaning to make a concrete object from an abstract idea.  

As well as being worn individually, RUIFIER Jewellery can be layered in an array of ways to create iconic pieces. These elements are crucial to the RUIFIER aesthetic, timeless jewellery with a sense of whimsy that are designed to be treasured.


Top: Animaux Patch Ring
Bottom: Animaux Perdi Ring
Top: Animaux Flopsy Ring
Bottom: Animaux Whiskers Ring 


Petit Lei Pendant


Petit Belle Studs


Petit Shay Ring

Yvonne Léon ventures through antique markets and museums to unearth inspiration for her quirky and elegant jewelry designs.  From the traditional pieces to her unique, intrinsically modern lines, Léon adds her own unique elements giving her designs a modern twist.

Tige Turquoise And Tsavorites Garnet Stem Earring &
Tige Pearl And Grey Diamond Stem Earring

Puce Abeille Diamond Bee Stud Earring &
Puce Abeille Pearl And Diamond Bee Stud Earring

Epingle Pear Diamond Pin Earring White Gold

Epingle Pearl Pin Earring Yellow Gold

See the Complete Yvonne Léon Collection Here

Gabriela Artigas creates everyday statement jewelry drawing inspiration from architecture to rock 'n' roll.  Their pieces are remarkably easy to wear and effortlessly transition from the office to the stage, and anywhere the adventurous modern woman might venture forth.

Pave Diamonds On Infinite Staple Gold Ring

Asymmetric Pearl And Gold Earrings

Mini Signature Tusk Rose Gold Pendant


See the Complete Gabriela Artigas Collection Here

With summer beginning to wind down, it is time to beat the back to school rush and enjoy the last days of summer.  

This year, send them back to school in style with the perfect accessory or treat yourself for taking care of the kids all summer.

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COMMITMENT : The most anticipated debut collection from Greek jeweller Yannis Sergakis.

Having a family background of well respected Greek diamond traders, Sergakis traded alongside his family for many years.  More interested in design after studying gemology, he collaborated with renowned jewellery houses in Greece and abroad. Today Yannis is ready to introduce his own signature line made exclusively from gold and diamonds. His designs are wearable statement pieces with a timeless quality that speak of graceintimacy and lust.

Charnières: An elegant hinge used by jewellers in centuries past to tie precious metals and stones together. A rich heritage that is always relevant, with a contemporary twist.

Charnières Rose and Black Gold Ring

Charnières Rose Gold Diamond Bar Necklace

Charnières Rose Gold Diamond Bar Long Necklace

Crochet: The hinge takes on a different form - angular, edgier, sharper but always chic. It becomes a hook that represents a playful game of seduction.

Crochets Rose and Black Gold Earring