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The winter season is a fun and festive time for everyone, giving you the chance to pull out your holiday jewelry pieces. Christmas parties, family gatherings, and New Year celebrations are the perfect opportunities to show off some of your dressier favorites.


When you want to make a splash at your next big event, a statement piece is a must. An attention-grabbing Yannis Sergakis statement necklace, gorgeous Yvonne Leon turquoise stem earrings, or a bold and festive Ina Beissner oversized bell ring can be very effective in highlighting your style while giving you an upscale edge ideal for a special occasion.

Yvonne Léon Tige Turquoise and Tsavorites Garnet Stem Earring

Modern interpretations of holiday favorites can add a touch of whimsy to any look, giving you a way to take a playful approach your celebrations. Bells and other seasonally appropriate baubles can step up your style while still showing your appreciation for the holiday season.
From celebrating the solstice to ringing in 2016, KAVUT has the Christmas jewelry you need to shine this winter!


2014 has been a big year for KAVUT.  From taking part in pop-up shops, to carrying exciting new lines of jewelry exclusive to KAVUT within Toronto and Canada, and being being featured in several publications.  Of course the biggest change this year is the opening of the brick and mortar KAVUT Jewelry Bar at 102 Scollard St, Toronto.  KAVUT would like to than everyone for an amazing year and we are looking forward to many things to come in the new year.

Here is a collection of photos highlighting KAVUT's 2014!











London based Melanie Georgacopoulos is a visionary designer and her creations are extremely chic and elegant.  Her passion for jewellery flows from her early experiences and international background; as a young girl being taken around museums she marvelled at the timelessness of ancient greek jewellery.  Melanie's childhood influences would soon turn into ideas about how to redefine culturally invested symbols of power and wealth through jewellery design itself.  Melanie’s combined passions for multi dimensional form, metal and the pearl found a unique voice, engaging directly with sculpture, architecture and fashion helped form her designs.

Melanie first started designing for small companies as well as internationally renown brands, before giving first expression to her now trademark concept: challenging ideas about classic pearl jewellery.  She set up her own company in 2010.  Since then her pieces have been featured in numerous fashion magazines and sold worldwide.  She continues to develop her original concept in her main M/G line alongside other high profile international collaborations. In 2012 she began working with the world renowned Japanese jeweller Tasaki and more recently she has been pushing design boundaries to further acclaim, adding diamonds to the pearls of her M/G Couture collection.



“Essence” was created to celebrate the beauty of existence even in the smallest of sizes, the perfection of form and shape that is present in all of nature’s creations. Everything seems to have a natural order, very much like a row of perfectly round pearls succeeding each other and creating complete harmony as they flow around the body.

The aim of this work was to create a line of pieces that would become part of the wearer's everyday life.  Such easy to wear pieces can be a more challenging endeavour, as they have to be functional, almost invisible, yet, original. As a result, this new line has a rather different expression from our usual dramatic catwalk creations, nevertheless it unquestionably represents the “essence” of what M/G is striving for, minimal, elegant, stylish and assertive design.    


Essence Collection Now Available
at and in the KAVUT Showroom

The weather is starting to get cooler and the leaves are beginning to change.  With Fall starting, it is time to update your accessories to create a bold new look.  But don’t fret, we have put together a collection of trends that are currently hitting the runways for Fall 2014 to help you with your new look.

Some of the current trends in accessories for Fall 2014 coming off the runways are:

1) ONE OF A KIND STATEMENT PIECES - This fall, many collections took to accessorizing with singular, eye-catching, oversized statement jewelry pieces. It can be the perfect way to add a bit of edge to some of the most basic of outfits.

Celine / Salvatore Ferragamo / Louis Vuitton


2) BOOTS - Heels will always be seen on the runway, but this fall boots have been seen on the runway.  They have been seen in a variety of styles this season - from mod to utilitarian to the divine, giving many options to choose from this season.

Derek Lam / Saint Laurent / Bottega Veneta


3) SCARVES - Scarves are becoming a one of the easiest ways to change up your wardrobe this Fall.  From floral to knit to menswear like pieces it is easy to change up your look with a single eye catching piece.

Sacai / Altuzarra / Emilio Pucci

4) GLOVES - Finish off your fall look with a pair of gloves.  Gloves dominated the runway this season and no two offerings were alike. Worn long and elegant, short and sweet or fierce and fingerless.  Gloves this season are ladylike with a lot of edge.

Chanel / Missoni / Balenciaga


Our suggestions...

Asherali Knopfer’s Bar Earrings, Melanie Georgacopoulos’s Sliced Pearl Bracelet and Lynn Ban’s Armor Ring.


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With a lifelong background in the creative fields, Jade Jagger began making jewelry in 1993 and has since carved a feted reputation as an artist and visionary jeweler. Jade has travelled the world sourcing stones and building an insider knowledge of a tradition and art that extends beyond the offering of mass produced global brands. Collaborating with top designers from around the world and with her 'rock n roll' upbringing the jewellery takes inspiration from her international travels and luxe boho-chic style. Jade ensures that each piece of jewellery is carefully hand-made from from precious metals and fine diamonds, using traditional methods bringing each piece into something tangibly unique and beautiful realized.


Here at Kavut, we carry “Arrow” pieces of Jade Jagger’s line of jewellery.  Arrow is an ancient form, dating from pre-history through classical antiquity and medieval times.  The Arrow appears across every culture in hunting, warfare, sport and ritual.  Here it is steeped in the mythology and romance of Eros, Apollo and Orion.




items are available for purchase online 
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It's time to head back to school. Now more then ever is the time to update your style with a fresh new look to impress for this upcoming school year.  But don’t fret, we have put together a collection of trends that are currently hitting the runways for Fall 2014 to help you with your new look.

Some of the current trends for Fall 2014 coming off the runway are:

1) The Sixties - The sixties are back in a major way. With mini skirts, knee-high boots and accessories that hark to different era in modern way. Pair this with Asherali Knopfer Rose Gold Bar Earring and Ina Beissner Square Bell Silver Ring.

Jewellery L to R:  Asherali Knopfer / Ina Beissner
Louis Vuitton / Gucci / Saint Laurent

2) Sportswear - the athletic aesthetics continues to inspire designers this season. Using fleece and mesh fabrics in variety of colours each item gives a dynamic sportswear vibe to the runway. Pair this with Adeline Cacheux Ellipse Sterling Silver Bracelet and Lynn Ban Black Coil Ring.

Jewellery L to R: Adeline Cacheux / Lynn Ban
Miu Miu / Fendi / Louis Vuitton

3) Bold Prints - Bring some adventure into your wardrobe with some bold coloured prints. Pair this with Saskia Diez Three Pearls Stud Earrings and Lara Bohinc Gold Quartz Planetaria Ring.

Jewellery L to R: Saskia Diez / Lara Bohinc
Prada / Chloe / Chanel


4) Furs - This season fur dominated all of the fashion runways for Fall once again. Pair this with M/G Tasaki Melanie Georgacopoulos Shell 5x Ascending Peacock Pearls White Gold Ring and Lynn Ban Diamond Hinge Handcuff Bangle.

Louis Vuitton / Prada / Givenchy


And do not forget a new piece of jewellery to complete the look.  Order online or stop by KAVUT for something to help accentuate that new back to school look.


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