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RUIFIER, founded by London based designer Rachel Shaw, has been creating unique and whimsical jewelry designs for the modern-day.  Her works can been seen gracing the pages of magazines and worn on the red carpets by celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Zoe Saldana, Ellie Goulding, Emma Robberts, Lily Allen and Natalie Imbruglia to name a few. With RUIFIER's adaptable and stackable pieces it is easy to individualize and create a new look everyday to suit your style.







Tatler Magazine - March 2016
Featuring Ruifier Animaux Patch Ring




Cosmopolitan UK - July 2015
Featuring Ruifier Petit Shay Ring



U Magazine - July 2015
Featuring Ruifier Petit Lei Pendant


What you wear can be just as much a jumping off point for discussions of the world at large as where you've been. Let your jewelry set the conversational climate, let it show you for the worldly sophisticate you truly are, no matter how long it's been since you've been abroad. 



Any piece in our LARA BOHINC collection will easily invite talk of the London's timeless modernity. You can tell your friends or coworkers that the London-based designer has studied in England and in her native Slovenia. Even in childhood, she loved the color red, and favors red lipstick. Why not pair bright red lips of your own with a piece from her quartz and gold / silver Planetaria collection? 



For a taste of Paris, try ALEXANDRA MARGNAT on for style. Hailing from what she calls "the most beautiful architectural city in the world," Margnat's designs incorporate ancient eastern civilizations and traditions. Add a modern twist on the far east--by way of France--with her Tall Poisson Gold Ring, a stunningly patterned piece that speaks for itself.






Bejewel yourself in Berlin's finest with INA BEISSNER. This German-born metal-smith brings the sleek style of Milan (where she studied) to her charming yet chic collection. Find this marriage of charm and sophistication in her Bell-Studded Ring, in gold or silver.






Let your accessories do the talking, and let your mind wander...all over the world.

Ever talented, genuinely sweet and polite, we chatted with UK-based jewellery designer Melanie Georgacopoulos about her visionary work of extremely chic and elegant unique pieces. Bringing pearls into a modern context, this half French and Greek designer has and outstanding vision.  Her brand philosophy is rooted in quality, craftsmanship and innovation. 




          NAME: Melanie Georgacopoulos



HOW DID YOU BECOME A DESIGNER? I was always encouraged to be creative from a young age; playing around with different materials, drawing, making things, and when I was 15 years old, I started making jewellery - I have been hooked since.

WHY CHOOSE PEARLS AS A MAIN ELEMENT FOR YOUR COLLECTION? I think pearl jewellery is a completely unexplored area in contemporary jewellery. I am simply mesmerised by them and the more I design with pearls the more idea I have! I believe that they are truly wonderful and the fact that they are the only organic gemstone in the world makes then even more special.

HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THE IDEA TO SLICE PEARLS? It started with simple curiosity; wanting to find out what was on the inside of a pearl. I never imagined that it would be the starting point of my jewellery brand!   



WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INSPIRATION? Everything around me - I can never pinpoint inspiration to specific sources; I go to lots of exhibitions, travel, look at people on the street, and always carry my sketchbook with me to take quick notes and make drawings.

CURRENTLY PLAYING: Classical music; it keeps me focused on stressful days.

CURRENTLY OBSESSED WITH: Cooking international food.

DO YOU HAVE A MUSE OR STYLE ICON? Charlotte Rampling is simply stunning and truly gifted.

FAVORITE SCENT: Pink Grapefruit by Hermes.





IF YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF AS A COLOR, WHAT COLOR WOULD BE AND WHY: It's not a colour, but I would choose white because it's positive, absolute and straightforward.

I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Sunshine and my sketchbook.


ONE THING ALWAYS IN MY HANDBAG IS… Red lipstick for cheeky nights out.

THE FIRST THING I DO WHEN I WAKE UP IS… Say good morning to my boyfriend.

DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL JEWELRY WHICH WAS PASSED ON FROM YOUR FAMILY OR HAS ANY SPECIAL MEANING TO YOU (LUCKY CHARM ETC)? My Grandmother's emerald engagement ring, I can't wear it, but it means so much to me as it's one of the very few pieces that I have from her.

THE HEAVEN SPOT? Rio Cinema in Daltson.

ULTIMATE MOVIE? Dogtouch by Giorgos Lanthimos.




One of our very best favorite designers at KAVUT, Melanie Georgacopoulos was recently featured in the luxury chic Costes magazine in Paris.





Forever timeless, her fierce fine jewelry is the best example of the message we'd like to express to our KAVUT customers.

What makes it different from other fashion pieces is that as you live with it, it becomes part of you. Make memories with it, then pass it onto your loved ones. Quality was meant to last...