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Sometimes, things you’ve heard or read about just aren’t true.  In this short post we’ll discuss some of the most common myths about jewelry.

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Below are 3 common jewelry myths:

Gold Comes in a Variety of Colours

While these colors are commonly referred to as gold, the only true gold is yellow. Colored gold is actually a mixed metal compound called an "alloy", made by mixing pure gold with iron, silver, platinum, copper or aluminum creating the various colors often used in jewelry. In fact, all yellow gold, with the exception of 24 karat gold, are also alloys since they're mixed with other metals in different quantities. Source: SheKnows

Real Gold Can Be Determined Through Biting
We all have heard that you can tell if the gold is real by biting it. They say that gold is a soft metal and if you bite it hard enough, you will see teeth marks in it. Actually, there are more metals that are as soft as gold and have the same color. If you trust this myth you can one day buy a different metal instead of gold! Source: LadiesTalks

Diamonds Are the Most Rare and Expensive Stone

Actually, diamonds are not the rarest gemstone, and though they are arguably the most popular, they aren't always the most expensive either. There are a few different factors that impact gemstone cost, and two of those are supply and demand. The diamond market is so sophisticated that if the demand for diamonds starts to taper off, some diamond mines will artificially hold off the supply which creates the illusion they are more rare than they are.

Other stones are not nearly as dependent on the market and command high prices because they actually are extremely rare. Some of those include alexandrite, rubies over 3 carats, and finely colored aquamarine. Source: Jewelry.About


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