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This chill, bookish season isn't only for the scholarly. Fashion is a fine-tuned formula any time of year: Add a pashmina and subtract a statement necklace. Multiply layers by a factor of how cold it is outside, but divide by thickness and pattern. Subtract your work blazer and add a comfy cable-knit sweater, keeping timeless earrings as a constant touch of class.
We make the math simple for you, with our Ginette NY Boulier Bracelets and Necklaces, in fool's gold and onyx.




Boulier is the French word for "abacus," those old-fashioned counting tools where you slide wooden or plastic beads along a thin metal rail to aid in basic mathematics. But this is a calculation you can do in your head: intentionally random mini-spheres in gold + uncommon yet subtly elegant materials like pyrite or onyx = a piece of jewelry that's less statement and more sophistication.
Fashion that appeals to your intellect, as well as your aesthetic. From Ginette NY and KAVUT Jewelry.