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Stacking Jewelry

Coco Chanel’s famous edict “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off” is beginning to fall by the wayside.  There is a more-is-more mindset happening when it comes to jewelry right now, it is all about pairing new finds with old favourites.  Wearing numerous pieces of jewelry is no longer a taboo.  Do not be confused, stacking jewelry can still be a delicate art form.  Throwing on all of your jewelry aimlessly can run the risk of looking like a child who raided their mother’s jewelry box.  The key is rather than scattering pieces all over the body, stack them and concentrate on a specific part of the body. One tip to stacking is to experiment with shapes and lines. Having a combination of horizontal and vertical pieces, and creating a bit of negative space, will ensure that it never looks like you are wearing too many pieces of jewelry at once.  Below are some great stacking ideas to get you started.

If you’ve been getting the vibe from your significant other this year that a timeless new accessory is in your near future, get [him/her] ahead of the game and pick out your favorites before the 14th comes along. Besides, wouldn’t you rather have that special accessory you’ve been eyeing?

Here are some of our favorite gold pieces that would make stunning gifts this February 14th. Interested in the Ina Beissner Silver Chain Bracelet or Alexandra Margnat Poisson Gold Ring?




               M/G TASAKI // Ascending White Pearls 7”           LARA BOHINC // Quartz Planetaria Ring -Silver




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Happy Valentines Day!