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Earrings sometimes work as the fashion saviours that complements almost any outfit or look. However, your face shape and earrings have a connection which you were never aware of. Luckily, this article will cover some guide tips in choosing the right earrings that will flatter and define your features.


Below are 5 guide tips in choosing the right earrings for your face shape:


Square Face Shape

Characteristics: The width of your forehead, cheeks, and jawline will be similar.
Earrings: Earrings that are medium to long in length look amazing, and hoops will look wonderful, too. Earrings with angular or rounded edges are also great choices because they bring attention to your earrings and help soften your face’s natural angles. Source: Hollyyashil


Round Face Shape

Characteristics: If your face is widest at the cheekbones, and doesn't taper down to the chin, you have a round or circular face.
Earrings: Tuck your hair behind the ears, and flaunt a pair of behind-the-ear cuffs that take the ear cuff trend to the next level. These chunky statement pieces suit narrow faces and heart-shaped faces the most, since they lend depth and dimension. If you have a round face, look for dainty pieces. Look for golden ear cuffs to wear with ethnic or fusion outfits. Source: Timesofindia.indiatimes


Oval Face Shape

Characteristics: Oval-shaped faces feature foreheads that are as wide as the cheekbones.
Earrings: face narrows from the cheeks to the chin, creating the oval shape.
Women with oval-shaped faces look good in almost every style of earrings. However, they can create a particularly striking look by wearing oval-shaped dangling earrings. These earrings will draw attention to the face's elegant shape without adding any width or length. Women with oval faces also look stunning when wearing teardrop earrings. Much like oval dangling earrings, these pieces accentuate the face's natural shape and create a sense of symmetry or balance. Source: eBay


Diamond Face Shape

Characteristics: Where the widest part of the face is around the cheekbones; the forehead and chin are narrower than the cheekbones which stick out.
Earrings: Earrings with long lines and gentle curves to smooth the sharp lines of the cheekbones and chin. Source: Katerinaperez


Heart Face Shape

Characteristics: Those with a heart face have a tapered chin, and wider cheek bones, and angular jaw. It is similar to the inverted triangle, but with “harder lines”
Earrings: For a heart shaped face, wear inverted triangles to balance the face. Avoid earrings that taper at the bottom, and studs. Tear drops are a great shape for you! Source: Sparklyjewels.wordpress