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As part of the British Museum’s new Greek art exhibit “Defining Beauty” the museum will focus on presenting creations by three major Greek jewellers in the Grenville Room shop.  Included are the works of Melanie Georgacopoulos a London based jewelry designer who’s own work is inspired by the timelessness of ancient Greek jewelry.  Georgacopoulos will be selling her signature chic and elegant pearl jewelry in support of the British Museum exhibition.

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I Love You Magazine - January 2015
Featuring Melanie Georgacopoulos Essence Line Pendant
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Harpers Bazaar Japan - February 2015
Featuring M/G Tasaki Shell 5x Ascending Peacock Pearl Ring
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Vogue Japan - December 2014
Featuring M/G Tasaki Shell 5x Ascending Peacock Pearl Ring
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25ans Japan  - January 2015
Featuring M/G Tasaki Shell 5x Ascending Pearl Ring
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If you’ve been getting the vibe from your significant other this year that a timeless new accessory is in your near future, get [him/her] ahead of the game and pick out your favorites before the 14th comes along. Besides, wouldn’t you rather have that special accessory you’ve been eyeing?

Here are some of our favorite gold pieces that would make stunning gifts this February 14th. Interested in the Ina Beissner Silver Chain Bracelet or Alexandra Margnat Poisson Gold Ring?




               M/G TASAKI // Ascending White Pearls 7”           LARA BOHINC // Quartz Planetaria Ring -Silver




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