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As part of the British Museum’s new Greek art exhibit “Defining Beauty” the museum will focus on presenting creations by three major Greek jewellers in the Grenville Room shop.  Included are the works of Melanie Georgacopoulos a London based jewelry designer who’s own work is inspired by the timelessness of ancient Greek jewelry.  Georgacopoulos will be selling her signature chic and elegant pearl jewelry in support of the British Museum exhibition.

Read more: "Greek jewellery in the spotlight at the British Museum"


I Love You Magazine - January 2015
Featuring Melanie Georgacopoulos Essence Line Pendant
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Harpers Bazaar Japan - February 2015
Featuring M/G Tasaki Shell 5x Ascending Peacock Pearl Ring
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Vogue Japan - December 2014
Featuring M/G Tasaki Shell 5x Ascending Peacock Pearl Ring
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25ans Japan  - January 2015
Featuring M/G Tasaki Shell 5x Ascending Pearl Ring
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Following a long line of jewelers in her family, Yvonne Léon graduated from the renowned Parisian school of Esmod and began her career in the fashion world working as a stylist and editorial assistant for various publications.  She returned to her roots and started a jewelry line bringing a fresh approach to her designs.  Léon frequents flea markets and museums as her passion for vintage is the primary source of inspiration in the development of her collections.  Leon’s jewelry is
more than a tribute to the past, she plays with the traditional lines and adds her own unique elements with a modern twist. 




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After his graduation from the Royal Academy of Antwerp in 1979, Martin Margiela founded Maison Martin Margiela in 1988. Often referred to as iconoclast, avant-garde and experimental, the Maison expresses its creativity through recycling, transformation and reinterpretation - like a unique proposal defying all laws and rules. The collections gather several lines of products: from ‘Artisanal’ pieces hand-made in the Paris atelier of the Maison to timeless classics, from radical accessories to casual clothes, from fashion to interior design, each of them complementing one another to compose a whole universe, way beyond a mere style.




In giving classic tokens of love and lineage a new twist, Maison Martin Margiela's "Héritage" collection, a new line of Fine Jewellery inspired by traditional, emblematic family jewels, rewrites sentimental and ancestral codes, infusing them with an air of mystery, versatility and freedom.  The collection recasts the conventional symbols of wedding and heirloom pieces, blending uniqueness with luxury in an unconventional way.

The Héritage Collection is divided into themes of: "Alliance", "Chevalière" and "Pompadour"


A split ring appears unfinished. It formalizes the adaptable nature of the ties that bind, and rewrites the chapters that take place between an initial hello, the waiting and the first signs of love in all its complexity. This ring outlines the coincidences and vagaries that punctuate a love story.  An incomplete circle. A moment suspended in time between a first meeting and marriage. Unsoldered and free.


White Gold Split Ring                             Yellow Gold Split Ring

 Yellow Gold Split Bracelet


The unified coat of arms and family crest revisited. A pure, sleek signet ring, split in half. A gentleman’s ring divided, a sidelong reconstruction of house codes and ancestry that transforms heritage by giving it a new twist. Ironically, this ring plays down history by accentuating its symbols and traditions, before reinventing them.

Sterling Silver Split Bracelet


Sterling Silver Split Ring                            Yellow Gold Split Ring


An heirloom piece. A divided, disunited jewel that shakes free of the inheritance aesthetic, moving beyond it. A symbol of kinship that incorporates independence, playing with conventional concepts of family and tradition. These pieces bring a twist to family lore, making way for dizzying possibilities and a chance to revise history. A deconstructed symbol that quiets the ancestral tendencies usually inscribed in precious stones, aligning lineage with the uniqueness of a contemporary jeweled piece.

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 The new vintage editorial styled by Francesca Bruns, phographed by Karim Sadli.


Little bit of grange, little bit of romance, little bit of boldness and little bit of elegance for fall/winter 2013.

Finishing touch of Melanie Georgacopoulos pearl & white gold necklace makes the whole look divine and extremely chic.