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With a lifelong background in the creative fields, Jade Jagger began making jewelry in 1993 and has since carved a reputation as an artist and visionary jeweler.  Collaborating with top designers from around the world and with her 'rock n roll' upbringing, Jade ensures each piece is carefully hand-made and uniquely beautiful. All jewelry is crafted from precious metals and fine diamonds that take inspiration from her international travels and luxe boho-chic style.

    • Jade Jagger Arrow Bangle
    • Sold Out
      White diamonds  Sterling silver Measures 6in / 15cm around Open cuff design with arrowhead and diamond feathers Arrowhead measures 0.4in / 1cm x 0.4in / 1cm Feathers detail measures 1in / 2.5cm x 1in / 2.5cm
    • JADE JAGGER White Diamond Arrow Ring Sale
    • $269.50 CAD $385.00 CAD
      White diamonds on arrow Sterling silver Smaller sizes can be worn as a knuckle or pinky ring Arrowhead measures 0.4in / 1cm x 0.4in / 1cm