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The aesthetic values of Japan have been born from a way of life surrounded by the sea and a beautiful natural environment. The spirit of beauty, characterized by subtlety and elegance, has garnered attention around the world and is embodied in every piece of TASAKI jewelry. In the autumn of 2009, TASAKI invited cutting-edge designer, Thakoon Panichgul to join the team as their creative director and continue to pursue the beauty of jewelry as Japan’s premier Maison.


TASAKI is available at the KAVUT Boutique located at 102 Scollard Street, Toronto. 
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TASAKI balance signature Ring
TASAKI "balance signature" Ring
TASAKI balance signature Necklace
TASAKI "balance signature" Necklace
TASAKI Balance Plus Earrings
TASAKI "balance plus" Earrings



TASAKI Danger Scorpion Ear Cuff
TASAKI "danger scorpion" Ear Cuff
TASAKI Danger Tribe Large Yellow Gold Earrings
TASAKI "danger tribe large" Earrings
TASAKI Refined Rebellion Horn Earrings
TASAKI "refined rebellion horn" Earrings



TASAKI Refined Rebellion Signature White Gold Earrings
TASAKI "refined rebellion signature" Earrings
TASAKI Refined Rebellion Signature White Gold and Diamond Earrings
TASAKI "refined rebellion signature pave" Earrings